Jenna Zaloom

    Pilates Teacher


    Jenna blue Zaloom completed her Masters training with The Pilates Center in Boulder and is a PMA® Certified Pilates teacher at InsideOut Body Therapies in Durham. Ever the student, Jenna then completed The Kathy Grant Heritage Training with Cara Reeser in 2015. Her awareness and eventual interest in Pilates arose from her disappointment due to a severe knee dislocation ending her lifelong goal to rock NYC stages as a ballerina. Jenna believes that if she had been able to work with a knowledgeable Pilates teacher consistently, all those years ago, she would have gotten back en pointe. Though originally certified in 2003 in NY, with a graduate of The Pilates Center, Boulder CO it wasn’t until 2010, Jenna returned to teaching full time and decided to re-certify. While her previous training empowered her to learn the basics about the Pilates exercises, she aspired to acquire the body reading skills of her teachers, Deborah Matthews and Mischa Decker. Jenna finished the 950 hr. Advanced Teacher Training program at InsideOut. She remains an active student of Pilates and yoga. Jenna is an UNC grad and artist. She loves the ocean, hoppy beer, her friends and any salty chip.