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The Small and Mighty Piriformis

Join Deborah and Toby Wednesday, 1/27 @ 6:00 pm
Cost: $20

The piriformis is probably the most well-known of the deep rotator muscles of the pelvis. It is critical to pelvic stability and adaptability in sitting, standing, and moving, but its dysfunction can lead to sciatica, SI issues, and low back pain.
In this workshop, Toby and Deborah will give a brief primer on the anatomy and function of the piriformis and its associated anatomical structures as well as teaching you the stretches and exercises they have found most helpful in their clinical practices for addressing piriformis issues.

Healing Your Posture

Join Deborah and Toby for this 2-week workshop.
Dates: Jan. 30 – Feb. 6
Time: Saturday @ 11:30
Cost: $50 includes video link

We think we know what posture is or at least what it should be, but do we really? It certainly brings a lot of folks into our Pilates and Rolfing practices and postural distortions can set up all kinds of challenges and pain patterns in the body. But it’s way more than getting better at listening to that nagging, judgemental voice in our head telling us to sit up straight or work out harder. If that worked, we would all have “great posture,” right? Truly healing our posture asks us to be body, self and world explorers. It is through being curious about who we are and how we move that we learn to sit, stand, and do in a more balanced and comfortable way.
In these introductory workshops, we will start the journey in our first class with exercises, stretches, and explorations that address the breath, the upper body, and our relationship to space. In the second class, we dig deeper and explore the lower body, our relationship to the ground, and how the lower and upper body work together. Posture then is not a shape, but a relationship.

Flex Your Brain Series with IOBT makers and staff

More than ever we all need to make time for self care, play, and connection. The Flex Your Brain series was inspired by a request for a gardening video. Then, the idea came to us that so many of our teachers have creative practices and interests that they can share with you. We hope you can join us to try something different in a no pressure, “brain-flexing” class with lots of laughter and friends – old and new. To enroll, login to your account and click on Workshops.

Book Club with Toby Matthews – Free!  One Saturday a month

Details for 2021 readings coming soon!

Winter Knitting Workshops – Kim Lien is creating some great projects for our knitting crew!

Details on their way! 

Basics of Drawing from Nature with Deborah 

Coming in February /March
Totally Beginning!!  Join Deborah for a two week journey into the joys of drawing from Nature. Years of experience have taught Deborah than anyone can draw, we simply need to learn to see in new ways, practice new skills, and drop the self-judgement that we learned in childhood.
Learning to draw inspires play and imagination. In this class, we will explore the shapes, contours, and spaces of objects from the natural world and learn to translate them into marks on paper. Come to play, laugh, and connect with some new and old friends.