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Back to Health Series (BTH)

Pilates for Back Care with Lori Ginsberg

3 Week session:  Saturdays @ 11:00, Cost: $50

Dates: September 12th – 26th

Class will guide you through stretches and strengthening exercises that support spinal health, core strengthening and overall flexibility. Class will entail time for basic back care education, exercises, and Q&A. A video will be provided after each session sharing a few exercises and back health tips.If you have questions about class or wonder if it is appropriate for you, please email Lori: lori@insideoutbodytherapies.com

Accessories needed:

  • Small hand towel for head / neck support
  • Bath towel or small blanket for hips and knee support
  • Yoga Mat
  • Yoga Strap or a tie from a robe
  • *Optional – Theraband


Pilates Fascial Stretches for the head, neck & shoulders with Toby and Deborah Matthews

Wednesday, September 23rd 5:30 – 6:30, Cost: $20

Join Toby and Deborah for an hour long introduction to your body’s deep, investing structural system. We will explore slow static stretches, simple flowing movement, and self-massage in an attempt to bring awareness and new possibilities to your arms, shoulders, neck, head, and jaw.
These simple yet powerful techniques can be applied in the middle of a busy day, after a workout, or even before bed as part of your “sleep hygiene”. Toby and Deborah will share secrets from their years of personal and professional investigation into how we can feel better. A short video with a few exercise tips will be available after the session.

Balance and Fall Prevention with Amy Ginsburg

Saturday, October 3 and October 10th @ 11:00 am – 2-Week Virtual Workshop
Cost: $40 

This workshop will focus on the skills needed to improve balance and stay upright as we move through life. Classes will include exercises and movement experiences to develop specific areas of strength and flexibility (including core, hips, legs and feet), while enhancing proprioception and increasing agility. We will spend some time on the mat, but most of the work will be done standing, as we explore ways to enhance stability, awareness, and confidence in movement.  A short video will be provided after each session.

Accessories needed:
– Small hand towel
– Yoga Mat
– Yoga strap or soft belt from a robe
– Yoga block or stable stack of books about 6” high
– Theraband (optional)
– Sturdy chair, piece of furniture, dowel with rubber stopper at end; or wall nearby for balance as needed

If you have questions about the workshop or wonder if it is appropriate for you, please email Amy: ginsamy@gmail.com

Foam Roller: Roll, Release, and Restore with Lori Ginsberg

Wednesday, November 11th @ 5:30 pm, Cost $20

Learn how to use the foam roller to both lengthen and stretch larger muscle groups while opening the possibilities to deeper core connections. Feel the challenge, support and integration the foam roller can offer to your Pilates practice.


Flex Your Brain Series with IOBT makers and staff

More than ever we all need to make time for self care, play, and connection. The Flex Your Brain series was inspired by a request for a gardening video. Then, the idea came to us that so many of our teachers have creative practices and interests that they can share with you. We hope you can join us to try something different in a no pressure, “brain-flexing” class with lots of laughter and friends – old and new. To enroll, login to your account and click on Workshops.

Book Club with Toby Matthews

Join us for the first virtual meeting of the IOBT Book Club on Saturday October 3 @ 7:00 pm. Bring Your Own Questions (BYOQ) and BYOB.  🙂

Toby will be a leading a discussion of The Underground Railroad: A Novel by Colson Whitehead

Introduction to Knitting with KimLien

What better time to learn a fun and relaxing skill like knitting? Many of us are spending more time at home and knitting can give idle hands something to do. Knitting is a great way to ease stress. Fall and winter (aka knitting season) are the best times to make scarves and hats for yourself or as gifts and donations.
Sundays from 10:00 – 11:30 am
Dates: Sept 20 , Sept 27, Oct 4
Cost $75
For more details, please login into your account and click on Workshops.

Basics of Drawing from Nature with Deborah – More Details coming soon!