Pilates Resources

  •  One of the most prestigious teacher training centers in the country and where Deborah, Mischa, Bart, and Jenn studied. We are also the first studio on the East Coast to license their Teacher Training.
  •  A new national organization dedicated to improving Pilates instruction and certifying instructors.

Rolfing® Resources

  •  Toby's new business where he sees most of his clients. He loves working with complex conditions and people who are motivated to feel better.
  •  The Rolf Institute™ - where Toby studied Rolfing and is certified. Contains descriptions of Rolfing by faculty members and many endorsements of the work from elite athletes and celebrities.
  •  The Guild for Structural Integration is another great school in Boulder.

GYROTONIC® Resources

  •  Find out all about this new and fun form of therapeutic exercise from its creator, Juliu Horvath.

Yoga Resources

  •  The website for John Friend's Anusara form of hatha yoga
  •  Yoga mats, dvd's, blocks, straps. Everything you need for class plus a teacher directory for when you're traveling and want to take class.
  •  Richard Freeman's Ashtanga studio in Boulder. He is one of our favorite teachers.

Physical Therapy Resources:

  •  The American Physical Therapy Association official website

Area Practitioners

  •  Sommer and Paul teach Anusara Yoga in the Triangle and around the country and are among the most skillful yoga teachers that we know. Toby teaches Anatomy at their weekend Immersions.
  •  Beloved InsideOut yoga teacher, Cristina Lincoln's website.

Area Nonprofits:


  •  A senior student of Hubert Godard, Aline's site contains her own articles on Godard's work, Tonic Function, Breath, Movement, and Perception.
  •  Our first Rolfer, Liz Gaginni's, website. She teaches beautiful work in biomechanics and visceral manipulation. If you are ever in Boulder try to get in with her.
  •  The Denver studio owned by Cara Reeser where Deborah was Senior Teacher. Cara studied with Joseph Pilates' student Kathy Grant as well as at The Pilates Center.
  •  Kevin Frank and Caryn McHose teach incredible movement and manipulation workshops at their lakefront center in New Hampshire. Senior students of Hubert Godard, their website contains articles about Godard's approach to bodywork as well as links to current evidenced-based research.

Local Businesses:

  •  Our favorite local store for running and walking shoes. Kim and Jason take the time to fit you right! They are also organize weekly runs on the American Tobacco Trail behind the studio.